Documentation on Finicom Sources, bank accounts and finanical instituations you can connect.


Sources are individual financial accounts that are connectioned to Finicom, like a specific checking account.

Your bank may have both a checking and savings account, but a source is a single account, regardless of how many accounts you have at a single financial institution.

Viewing Sources

To view your organization's sources, view the sources page in your dashboard.

From this page, sources can be added or disconnected.

A source's status column indicates if it is active for use, or disconneced.

Creating Sources

To create a new source:

  1. Navigate to the sources page
  2. Click the "Connect Bank" button
  3. Click the "Connect Mercury" button; other banks will become available once Finicom is in Beta!
  4. If you have existing connections to Mercury, a section will appear titled "Existing Connections" where you can select a connection.
  5. If you have no connections, you'll need to enter an API key to Mercury. See our docs on connecting Mercury here.
  6. Last, a list of accounts will be displayed to connect. Click the "Connect Source" button next to the account you'd like to create a source for.

Using Sources

Sources can be used in destinations, as sources of transaction data to sync to destinations! To create destinations, see our docs on destinations.

Disconnecting Sources

Disconnecting a source will permanantly remove that source, make it unusable, and immediately pause all of the active destinations using it. Disconnecting will not remove any data that has been already synced to destinations from this source, but will mean Finicom will not access data from this source going forward.

To disconnect a destination:

  1. Navigate to the sources page
  2. Click the 3 dots on the source to be disconnected
  3. Click "Disconnect" to permanantly disconnect your source

If you wish to reconnect a source that's been disconnected, create a new source that links to that same account. Disconnected sources cannot be reconnected.