Google Sheets Destination

Docs on using Finicom's Google Sheets destination, to sync bank account transactions into a Google Docs Spreadsheet.


Finicom's Google Sheets destination syncs your financial transactions to a spreadsheet within your Google drive account or Workspace, so anyone in your workspace can create financial reports directly in Google Sheets!

Creating a Google Sheets Destination

  1. Go to your organization's destination page
  2. Click "Add Destination"
  3. Click "Google Sheets"
  4. Make sure you have a Google Account connected to Finicom. If not, select the "Google Account" dropdown and select "Connect to Google"
    • Complete Google's authorization flow to connect your Google account to Finicom.
  5. Select the Google account you'd like to use for this Desitination
  6. Select which Spreadsheet you'd like to sync transactions to. Finicom will open a selector that allows searching and selecting any sheet in your drive.
  7. Last, optionally select which sheet within your spreadsheet you'd like transactions to sync into.
    • If no sheet is explicitly selected, Finicom will automatically sync transactions into the first sheet of the spreadsheet. If no sheet is explicitly selected and a different sheet moves into the first position, transactions will begin to sync to the new first sheet.


  • New transactions are added as a new row into the last open row without any data inside it.
  • Modified transactions (moving from pending to posted status) will update the transaction's row within your spreadhseet to be correct & current data.
  • Removed transactions (voided) will clear the transaction's row from your spreadsheet.
  • To filter and only sync transactions to your spreadsheet for a specific transaction status (pending, posted, or void) use filter to filter for only the status you'd like.
  • Re-ordering rows is safe. When Finicom creates a new row of data, updates will apply to that grouping of data, wherever it is within that same sheet.
  • Finicom may not sync transactions in the order they appear on your financial account. We recommend applying a sort order within your spreadsheet to achieve a desired ordering.
  • Re-ordering columns is not safe, but hiding columns is. Finicom will always sync data across columns within a single row in this order:
    • Unique transaction identifier (text)
    • Unique financial account identifier (text)
    • Transaction amount (number)
    • Transaction description (text)
    • Currency code (ISO 4217)
    • Transaction status (pending, posted or void)
    • Transaction creation date (Date & time)
  • Finicom always tries to maintain an accurate sync with your financial account. Because of this, if a transaction moves from pending to posted and that transaction is not present in your sheet, it will be added.
  • Modifying data within a row may be overwritten or deleted if the transaction is not already in a posted (final) state, however, adding more data into columns after transaction data will not be modified