Connecting Mercury

How to connect Mercury Bank to Finicom to sync transactions externally.


This guide shows how to connect a Mercury Bank account to Finicom, to sync your Mercury transactions to 3rd party apps.


To connect Mercury, Finicom will need an API token to securely communicate with Mercury.

Get your API key from Mercury

First get an API key from Mercury:

  1. Log into your Mercury account and go to your dashboard
  2. Navigate to the settings page
  3. Go to your API Token settings
  4. Click "Create an API Token" Create Mercury API Token | Finicom
  5. Complete the modal, and ensure that the Permissions "dropdown" is set to "Read Only" and "IP whitelist" is empty Enter Mercury API Token details | Finicom
  6. Your API token should be created! Click to copy this and don't close until it's been input into Finicom! Copy Mercury API Token | Finicom

Input into Finicom

Next, input the API key into Mercury:

  1. Log into your Finicom organization and go to your sources
  2. Click "Connect Bank"
  3. Click "Connect Mercury"
  4. Enter your API token, then press "Connect Mercury" Enter Mercury API into Finicom
  5. Finally, select your Mercury bank account!

Congratulations! Mercury should be connected to Finicom.